June Rodriguez
JUNE: This past Friday we meant to meet as usual at the same time and the same place. Even though this past Friday was the day after Thanksgiving we had things all planed out. We forgot to take into consideration the holidays are a terrible time to count on plans. So some of us got sick and others had family obligations come up. So we are going to wing it with some of our own cyber talk.

We thought we would do our own little interview session so our visitors can get to know us a little better.

Q: What genre do you write?

JUNE: I am currently working on a historical western romance. As for other stories I am working on I tend to write contemporary romance.

DORI: Generally I write in the thriller/suspense genre, although my short stories have ventured into mainstream literary and romantic suspense. I generally follow the write-what-you-know rule and therefore generally write legal fiction since I'm an attorney. Most of my legal work is criminal felony defense right now, so I expect it will find itself into my current writing. Definitely provides a lot of "research." If you want to know current gang slang, I'm your go-to person.

JACKIE: I am working on a multi-layered piece of paranormal adventure. I also write poetry and have a few short-stories (most of my short writes are wicked spooky stuff).

SARAH: I'm knee-deep into my first MS, a historical romantic-suspense set in the Regency Era.

Q: When do you do most of your writing? Are you a pantser or a plotter?

JUNE: I am not a very organized writer. The time I get to write has changed a lot lately. I recently started a new job and work nights. Most of my writing time is still in the evening after I get home. I am mostly a pantser but I have been working more on completing an outline. Even with the outline I will tend to go with the flow as I write.

DORI: I'm definitely a pantser. I don't have the time or the patience to outline, although I certainly need to know where I want the story to go before I write it. I'm not one to just let my characters write the story for me, although I wouldn't mind if they would step up to the plate and do the work for me. My writing time is whenever I can fit it in, which generally means nights and weekends.

JACKIE: In the beginning I was a pantser all the way. I would sit down and write the story as it played out in my head like a movie. Problem with that is, sometimes the script writer goes on strike. From this I have learned that it’s a good idea to play with an outline once in a while. So I would call my self a "combo" writer.

SARAH: Sheesh! I grab writing time whenever I can. I always have a notebook with me. This helps me stay productive when I can't be in front of a computer. I'm a plotter. I like to know where I'm going. However, I would like to try pantsing it one day. We'll have to see!

Q: How has being in the Friday night group helped in your writing?

JUNE: I have learned so much from each of our members. Each one of has shown an area that they are inspired about when it comes to the critique sessions. We each have a different voice and different style of writing. This gives each of us an opportunity to expand our own writing vision.

DORI: Ditto June's comment. Every session is a learning opportunity. As the group members have grown, so have I. One of the biggest benefits is the camaraderie and the cheerleaders I have for my writing career. Know they would do anything to help me be successful. Having weekly meetings helps me focus on producing work to bring forward. More so than I would if left to my own initiative.

JACKIE: Our Friday night group has been a community for me. I have stayed focused on my writing. We have all been more serious about our work. And I think too, that we have grown more comfortable with ourselves as writers. Every Friday night we critique each others work, and June is right, we have all learned so much, I know I sure have; and we validate each other as writers. We believe in each other-so much actually, that we are FAR less lenient about writing gaffs. We call each other out-but it is because we KNOW what each of us is capable of and we want for us to reach our goals.

SARAH: I came into the group as a total greenhorn. Thanks to all of you gals, my writing has grown leaps and bounds. I still have my problems areas, but who doesn't! (Quick, Dori, did I forget any words?! LOL) Where I'm weak, one of you ladies is strong and vice a versa. Plus, meeting up every week keeps me inspired. It's refreshing to hang out with people who are passionate about the same things you are.
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