June Rodriguez

JUNE: This week all of us brought our two pages. Tonight the critique process moved along really well for each of us. What I noticed was a problem with our computer. As a writer our most important tool is our computer. We rely on it heavily for correcting our spelling and grammar with an effortless ease. But as we noticed tonight we still benefit from the practiced eye of our other partners. So far the computer can only do what it is programmed to do. It can not learn from its mistakes. Our bugaboo tonight was words that are spelled incorrectly for the usage that we intended. The word was not spelled wrong so it was not picked up by our microchip friend. I know in my case I did read over that section several times and still did not catch the incorrect spelling. Thank you ladies for being my extended family of eyes and ears.

DORI: Then there are the dreaded backwards quotation marks where the computer thinks it knows best. Wrong! They're hard to catch, unless you're looking for them. How very frustrating.

SARAH: I really dislike when the auto format flips on and a simple double-drop moves the whole MS to centered justification. ARGH! I'm also not a big fan of the gremlins that add in hieroglyphics to the body of a doc when copying/pasting into the HTML box of a blog post! Now, that is frustration squared!


JUNE: Bringing more authenticating details into my pages without doing an info dump was one of my goals tonight and I seem to have succeeded with that. The other was to work on my hyphen usage. I did better at knowing where to put them in but then I also put them in where they were not needed. So it looks like I need to work on this writing hitch just a little more.

We succeeded in tightening up our work from last week as well.

DORI: Your added authenticating details were spot on. Kudos to you for that. Really paints a better picture than before. Doesn't take a lot of them, just a sprinkling will do.

JUNE: Overall our work brought more believability to our characters.

DORI: Our work will be more believable after we make the changes needed based on June's input. She is good about catching things like how did my protag get her wet sticky running clothes off without taking off her shoes first. She'll question whether actions are true to our character, the setting, etc. Thanks June for your watchful and questioning eye.

SARAH: Yes, June does have a knack for spotting such details. It's just another reason why every writer needs a strong critique group. Another set of eyes to help polish BOTH craft and an MS. A real win, win situation.

JUNE: I rely on Dori to challenge me on my horrible punctuation and grammar usage. Sarah always sees the details in a more vibrant way and Jackie teases my imagination to go a step further. I see real progress in our writing since our start and I know we will continue to step up to the challenges.

DORI: Best part is that we're moving forward and our work has fewer editing required.

SARAH: Practice makes progress. It's trite, but very true. I've heard it said time and again by the NYT's- the more you write, the better your writing will get. Here's to keeping our digits glued to the keyboard!

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